METPathfinder Makes Finding Military Friendly Employment Easier

Whether you are a current member of the Canadian Armed Forces transitioning out of the military, a veteran, or a military spouse, you know that finding civilian employment can be a real challenge. Canada Company is helping current and former members as well as their spouses connect with civilian employers through their free online tool, METPathfinder.

Military Members and Veterans

When you sign up with METPathfinder, a unique business profile will be automatically created for you. This profile will be based on your rank and occupation in the military, as well as the skills, talents, and experiences you developed while serving. Your business profile will connect you to job opportunities that match your skills and interests. METPathfinder’s employment database is full of job opportunities with employers who recognize the skills military members can bring to the workforce.

METPathfinder also offers educational modules to assist you in your transition to the civilian workforce. The education modules offer skill building tools and exercises for finding employment, or becoming self-employed. There are also modules to help match you to post-secondary institutions to further your education.

Military Spouses

Relocating to a new area? Difficulties finding employers willing to hire and train military spouses who will soon relocate? METPathfinder also connects military spouses to employment opportunities with military family friendly employers.

How Do I Sign Up?

Follow the steps below to sign up for METPathfinder, and begin searching for civilian employment:

  1.       Go to METPathfinder and click “Register” to create your account.
  2.       Enter the required information based on your current status. The process will vary depending on if you are currently in the military, a veteran, or a military spouse.
  3.       Check your email for your account confirmation. Please note that you may not receive an email for up to 72 hours while your account information is verified.
  4.       Upon verification, add additional information to your business profile. This may include your education, certifications, and any awards or commendations you have received.
  5.       Select the geographic area(s) you want to work in, as well as the industry.
  6.       Follow the educational modules and/or begin browsing for jobs.
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