Military Spousal/Partner Employment

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Finding meaningful employment can be a challenge for spouses/partners of military members who may move from one location to another during their career. Fulfilling job opportunities are important to a family’s financial well-being and for an individual’s morale and self-esteem.

Spousal Employment

Military Family Services, working in collaboration with Military Family Resource Centers and community partners, provides resources to support your search for employment in a new community. For example:

Job Seekers accesses the top job search sites, provincial employment support programs and placement agencies to help you find career opportunities in your community.

If you are looking to become an entrepreneur, you can also review the list of programs and resources available for military families. These include workshops, financial resources, and mentoring.

Training Tools

CAFConnection also links to many resources to help spouses find or create employment opportunities.

Job Seekers Training and Programs provides information to help military spouses with career development.You can also find employment opportunities available on bases/wings.

There are additional training tools currently available to you, such as the regional entrepreneur training camps offered by Telfer School of Management. 

Helping Entrepreneurs Reach Complete Success (HERCS) is an online training program designed to help you create a “portable” business that can be moved along with you at posting time.

Accreditation Challenges

Different accreditation standards between provinces and territories can present challenges for military families, as they move more frequently than the average Canadian household. To help with planning, learn more about how regulated occupations work in Canada with Provincial Certification Must-Knows. You will also find what you can do to limit the effect professional licensing transfer has on your career.

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