Spousal/Partner Employment


Spousal employment is a chronic problem for many military families, and an aspect of the sacrifice they make, but we can do better in supporting them. The work done so far by the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces in implementing this office’s recommendation is meaningful and merits recognition, though additional creative and practical solutions are needed.

See Recommendation 14: Develop a national employment strategy to assist spouses/partners

A persistent challenge for many of you who move from location to location in support of a military member’s service, is the ability to secure meaningful employment. Fulfilling job opportunities are important for an individual’s morale and self-esteem, but also for the contribution a job can make to a family’s financial well-being.

Spousal Employment

Partnership between Military Family Services and Canada Company has led to the creation of METSpouse, a national employer network to support your efforts to attain sustainable employment. This initiative informs employers about the military lifestyle, as well as the range of skills, training and talent that military spouses and partners can bring to the table. In April 2017, METSpouse was launched nation-wide, counting over 120 national employers within its network.

Training Tools

METSpouse complements other training tools now available to you, such as the regional entrepreneur training camps offered by Telfer School of Management. Military Families Skills to Success is another promising initiative consisting of workshops put on by Accenture Canada in locations around Ottawa, as well as additional virtual career assistance that is accessible from anywhere you may be posted across Canada or around the world. 

Accreditation Challenges

Many military family members face problems with different accreditation standards between provinces and territories. This is a major obstacle for spouses and partners who want to fully employ their talents. Greater cooperation is needed among provinces, territories and the Government of Canada, to advance viable options for skilled members of Canadian military families.

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