Allegations Against the Canadian Forces - Index

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Privacy Act

Executive summary


Background to complaint

Referral of complaint to the Ombudsman's Office

Summary of complaint

Investigative process

PART ONE: Allegations contained in the July 1996 memoranda and the chain of command's response

A. Allegations against Lieutenant-General William Leach

B. Allegations against General Maurice Baril, the Chief of the Defence Staff

PART TWO: Canadian Forces National Investigation Service investigations into the events outlined in the July 9 memorandum and Lieutenant-General Leach's failure to respond

C. Allegations against Captain Bud Garrick

D. Allegation against Master Warrant Officer Peter MacFarlane

E. Allegation against Colonel Serge Labbé

F. Allegations against Commander Stephen Moore

G. Allegations against Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Cloutier

H. Allegations against Brigadier-General Patricia Samson

I. Allegation against Captain Alain Bissonnette

J. Allegation against Brigadier-General Charles Lemieux

K. Allegation against Lieutenant-Colonel Pierre Pellicano

PART THREE: Harassment, retaliation and reprisal within Public Affairs at National Defence Headquarters

A. Allegations against Lieutenant-Commander Denise LaViolette

B. Allegations against Colonel (Retired) R. Coleman

C. Allegation against Captain (Navy) Barry Frewer

D. Allegation against Captain Jean Morissette

E. Allegation against Captain (Retired) Andrew Pope

F. Allegation against Ms. Maureen Bruyere

PART FOUR: Other allegations of retaliation and reprisal

A. Allegation against Lieutenant-Commander Ed King

B. Allegation against Major George Mackie

C. Allegation against Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander F. Robertson

D. Allegations against Colonel Paul Maillet

E. Allegations against Major-General Keith Penney

F. Allegation against Lieutenant-Colonel

G. Allegation against Brigadier-General Lise Mathieu

Recommendations and conclusion

Summary of recommendations


Appendix I: Memorandum from Captain Bruce Poulin, July 9, 1996

Appendix II: Memorandum from Captain Bruce Poulin, July 15, 1996

Appendix III: Written statement of Major Michel Lavoie, July 10, 1998

Appendix IV: Memorandum from Lieutenant-General William Leach, June 17, 1998

Appendix V: CFNIS press release, October 26, 1998

Appendix VI: Index of responses from subjects of complaint

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