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The ABCs of Military Posings

The ABCs of Military Postings

What is the Military Benefits Browser?

As a military member who is ill, injured, or transitioning out of the Canadian Armed Forces, do you know the benefits you could be entitled to? It can be difficult to know what benefits these current and former members, their families or survivors may be entitled to. This browser provides easily accessible information related to benefits and services for military members who are ill, injured, or transitioning out of the Canadian Armed Forces, their families, as well as families of the deceased.

20th Anniversary of the Office of the Ombudsman Videos

20 Years of Positive Change


Introduction to the 20th Anniversary

Are you being medically released from the Canadian Armed Forces?

If you are being medically released, your transition to civilian life will take place over several weeks, months or years. This can be a difficult time because there are many steps and key players involved. To assist you, we have outlined the three “phases” of transition in a reference tool called Your Transition to Civilian Life – The Three Phases of Medical Release.

Making the Transition to Civilian Life

If you are a Canadian Armed Forces member transitioning to civilian life, the National Defence and Canadian Forces Ombudsman and the Veterans Ombudsman can provide you with information to help you successfully navigate your journey.

What if I am unhappy with a complaint I made through another mechanism?

What happens if you're unhappy with the way a mechanism like the Canadian Forces Grievance Process, or the Public Service grievance and complaint process is handling your complaint?

What is a Board of Inquiry?

In most cases of death or serious injury of a military loved one, the Canadian Armed Forces will hold a Board of Inquiry to look into the incident.

What Are Compelling Circumstances?

If you contact us with an issue that involves compelling circumstances, we may forward your case right away to an investigator or a complaint analyst. But what is a compelling circumstance?

What Happens When You Contact the Ombudsman's Office?

 A short video about the role of our Intake Officers.

Who Are We?

What is the Ombudsman's Office and what do we do?

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