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May 2010 | The Canadian Forces Grievance Process: Making It Right for Those Who Serve December 2008 | A Long Road to Recovery: Battling Operational Stress Injuries December 2008 | Assessing the State of Mental Health Services at CFB Petawawa April 2008 | Reserved Care: An Investigation into the Treatment of Injured Reservists April 2007 | A Sniper's Battle - A Father's Concern October 2006 | Heroism Exposed: An Investigation into the Treatment of 1 Combat Engineer Regiment Kuwait Veterans (1991) July 2006 | The Canadian Face Behind the Recruiting Targets - A Review of the Canadian Forces Recruiting System: From Attraction to Enrolment November 2005 | For the Sake of Fairness: The Case of the Squadron Leader (Retired) Clifton Wenzel March 2005 | Overhauling Oversight: Ombudsman White Paper March 2005 | Making Things Right: Unfair Treatment by CF Grievance System February 2005 | Review of Board of Inquiry Examining Serious Injury January 2005 | When a Soldier Falls: Reviewing the Response to MCpl Rick Wheeler's Accidental Death September 2004 | From Tents to Sheets: An Analysis of the CF Experience with Third Location Decompression after Deployment March 2004 | Broken Promises : Complaints Concerning Meal Allowance For Extended Temporary Duty February 2004 | Broken Promises : Complaints Concerning Meal Allowance For Extended Temporary Duty October 2003 | Unfair Deductions From SISIP Payments to Former CF Members September 2003 | Workplace Conflict at the Halifax Operational Trauma and Stress Support Centre March 2003 | Off the Rails: Crazy Train Float Mocks Operational Stress Injury Sufferers December 2002 | Follow-up Report Review of DND/CF Actions on Operational Stress Injuries December 2002 | Unfair Demand to Repay Overpayments Made Under the Forces Reduction Program February 2002 | Systemic Treatment of CF members with PTSD August 2001 | Allegations Against the Canadian Forces January 1999 | The Way Forward
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