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info icon The Progress Reports on Recommendations explain what the department has done in response to our reports. It will be updated regularly to keep the Defence Community and Canadians informed on these important matters.

Previous Reports: 2018

Positions over People

Understanding Retirement and Disability Benefits

A Path Forward

Previous Reports: 2017

Canadian Rangers

The Case For a Permanent and Independent Ombudsman Office

Support to Bereaved Military Families

Previous Reports: 2016

Cadets: An Investigation of the Support Provided to Cadets Who Suffer an Illness or Injury as a Result of a Cadet Activity

Our People, Our Security, Our Future: Submission to the Defence Policy  Review

Simplifying the Service Delivery  Model for Medically  Releasing Members of the Canadian Armed Forces

Determining Service Attribution for Medically Releasing Members

Part-Time Soldiers with Full-Time Injuries: A Systemic Review of Canada’s Primary Reserve Force and Operational Stress Injuries

A Systemic Review of Compensation Options for Ill and Injured Reservists

Reserve Force and Regular Force Transition Process

Previous Reports: 2015

The Feasibility of Providing Periodic Health Assessments to All Primary Reservists

An Investigation into the 1974 Valcartier Cadets Grenade Incident

Boards of Inquiry: Families in Focus

Canadian Armed Forces Best Positioned to Determine Public Service Priority Hiring for Releasing Members

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Archived Reports

November 2013 | On the Homefront: Assessing the Well-being of Canada's Military Families in the New Millennium October 2013 | Preliminary Assessment: Joint Personnel Support Unit July 2013 | An Examination of Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake (4 Wing) May 2013 | A Report Outlining the Delays in the Processing of Adjudications and Initial Authority Grievances by the Director General Compensation & Benefits November 2012 | Reserved Care: A Follow Up into the Treatment of Injured Reservists Septempber 2012 | Fortitude Under Fatigue: Assessing the Delivery of Care for Operational Stress Injuries that Canadian Forces Members Need and Deserve May 2010 | The Canadian Forces Grievance Process: Making It Right for Those Who Serve December 2008 | A Long Road to Recovery: Battling Operational Stress Injuries December 2008 | Assessing the State of Mental Health Services at CFB Petawawa April 2008 | Reserved Care: An Investigation into the Treatment of Injured Reservists April 2007 | A Sniper's Battle - A Father's Concern October 2006 | Heroism Exposed: An Investigation into the Treatment of 1 Combat Engineer Regiment Kuwait Veterans (1991) July 2006 | The Canadian Face Behind the Recruiting Targets - A Review of the Canadian Forces Recruiting System: From Attraction to Enrolment November 2005 | For the Sake of Fairness: The Case of the Squadron Leader (Retired) Clifton Wenzel March 2005 | Overhauling Oversight: Ombudsman White Paper March 2005 | Making Things Right: Unfair Treatment by CF Grievance System February 2005 | Review of Board of Inquiry Examining Serious Injury January 2005 | When a Soldier Falls: Reviewing the Response to MCpl Rick Wheeler's Accidental Death September 2004 | From Tents to Sheets: An Analysis of the CF Experience with Third Location Decompression after Deployment March 2004 | Broken Promises: Complaints Concerning Meal Allowance For Extended Temporary Duty February 2004 | Broken Promises: Complaints Concerning Meal Allowance For Extended Temporary Duty October 2003 | Unfair Deductions Ffom SISIP Payments to Former CF Members September 2003 | Workplace Conflict at the Halifax Operational Trauma and Stress Support Centre March 2003 | Off the Rails: Crazy Train Float Mocks Operational Stress Injury Sufferers December 2002 | Follow-up Report Review of DND/CF Actions on Operational Stress Injuries December 2002 | Unfair Demand to Repay Overpayments Made Under the Forces Reduction Program February 2002 | Systemic Treatment of CF members with PTSD August 2001 | Allegations Against the Canadian Forces January 1999 | The Way Forward
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